Bière des Alpes
Bière des Alpes


La Brasserie Luc & Lionel Alphand

Alphand L&L The passion for beers and mountains has leaded us to establish this unique brewery, which is situated in a picturesque valley of Vallouise, in the heart of Hautes-Alpes (05). Our beer is produced from only natural ingredients and we use the pure mountain spring water, which is within the great respect of German philosophy, Dacree of Purity from 1516 (Reinheitsgebot). We guarantee you to enjoy the very best quality, authentic and healthy beer, the beer that brings people together.

La brasserie Alphand is committed to reduce the negative environmental impacts of its production in the unique Alpes site. And for this reason our top priority is to use principally recyclable or biodegradable materials.

Our beer is neither pasteurized and nor filtered which keeps on fermenting inside the bottle.

Our brewery is based in Vallouise, French Alpes since the spring of 1998. Located at 1,170 m altitude, it has a wonderful mountain panorama favourable for brewing. The geology of our exceptional high-mountain location gives us an opportunity to use the high quality pure mountain water. To brew our beers we select at least 9 varieties of malt, 7 hops and 4 yeast strains. We ourselves develop our recipes. Years of thorough work and tests result in unique and original taste that even satisfies the most demanding amateurs of beer. Alphand L&L

Since the spring of 2010 our brewery has launched two new beverages: the Alpen/Alpa Cola and craft Lemonade. Both beverages are made with the pure mountain spring water as well as natural aromas guaranteed non-GMO and 100% natural.