Bière des Alpes
Bière des Alpes


La Brasserie Luc & Lionel Alphand

Stout Beer

La bière Stout (Stout Beer)
Type: Pale
Capacity: 75cl
Alcohol content: 5° alc

Ingredients: source water, 5 malts (including malts grilled for color), 2 bitter hops, 2 flavor hops
Color: black with red highlights, white head
Features: discrete carbonation, persistent head, roasted taste, presence of bitterness, long in the mouth
Serving temperature: between 8-10°C
Type of fermentation: warm
Shelf life: 15 months

All our bottled beers do not tolerate light and excessive warmth (i.e. do not stock it up behind exhibition windows).

Beers should be served in a beer glass previously rinsed with cold water. Pour the beer gently to leave the layer of yeast at the bottom of the bottle (beer on lees), simultaneously controlling the formation of the head. (Beer amateurs reserve the right to drink or not the yeast, which - by the way - is very good for health).