Bière des Alpes
Bière des Alpes


La Brasserie Luc & Lionel Alphand

Our story | Brewing process

Beers born in the Alpes.

Alphand L&LThe microbrewery La brasserie Alphand is based in Vallouise, French Alpes since the Spring of 1998. Located at 1,170 m altitude, it has a wonderful mountain panorama favourable for brewing.

The geology of our exceptional high-mountain location gives us a possibility to use the high quality, pure, mountain water. The mix of this water - during the brewing process - with other traditional beer ingredients like malt, hops and beer yeasts allows us to make the finesse, authentic and natural beer.

Our brewery is capable of brewing 1500l (15 hl) per basin which means that our annual production potential is 250 000 litres of beer. Our whole manufacturing park is entirely equipped with stainless steel which is a guarantee of high quality production.

To brew our beers we select at least 9 varieties of malt, 7 hops and 4 yeast strains. We ourselves develop our recipes. Years of thorough work and tests result in unique and original taste that can satisfy even the most demanding amateurs of beer. Alphand L&L

All our beers are brewed in accordance with the professional brewers ethic which respect the German Decree of Purity from 1516 (Reinheitsgebot). Nowadays, this obsolete decree obliges the brewer to use only water, malt, hops and beer yeast. Our beers do not contain additives or artificial dyes.

This simple concept allows us to offer you beers born in the Alpes.

Alphand is always faithful to its ethics and pours the beer into bottles without filtering or pasteurizing to keep the maximum of its qualities. The presence of dregs at the bottom of a bottle is natural and is a result of continued fermentation inside the bottle. This kind of beer is called beer on lees.